Cash Back Claim Free Award

Get a portion of your premium back – in cash – if you don't have a claim!

The Claim Free Award is a unique and exclusive feature of the Home and Highway policy.

Each year there are no claims on your policy, you'll receive a Claim Free Award check equal to a portion of your annual policy premium. This cash-back award is our way of saying thank you for being claim free. And it's yours to use any way you like!

Young Drivers Program

Automobile accident rates for beginning drivers are much higher than any other demographic category. Teen drivers have the highest crash risk of any age group. Per mile traveled, they have the highest involvement rates in crashes from those involving only property damage to those that are fatal. The problem is worst among 16-year-olds who have the most limited driving experience and an immaturity that often results in risk taking behind the wheel. 

For more information on what parents of teenagers can do to help promote teen driver safety, and to access our Parent/Teen Driving Contract, please download this Beginning Teen Drivers Guide.